Construction Management

RJC Inc. offers independent (CM) Construction Management services to assist developers in preliminary project analysis and management of the development process. RJC can provide building surveys utilizing all engineering disciplines including civil, architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical. RJC can provide feasibility studies including an analysis of design options, environmental, geotechnical, preliminary site utilization drawings and design drawings, scheduling, cost estimating for both construction and complete project costs, coordination with governmental agencies, and management of other design professionals. We provide owners the independent construction management support necessary to properly and successfully complete a development task. We act on behalf of the owner as an extension of their facility department, overseeing the entire process.

RJC Inc.'s construction management (CM) division specializes in architectural and engineering support services for commercial & institutional developers/owners. RJC Inc. works in partnership with our clients to ensure the highest level of services, in terms of responsiveness to our client's needs, thorough quality control during the design and construction efforts, maintaining consistent cost control measures and the appropriate level of management services necessary to obtain successful development results.

Along with traditional construction management services, RJC Inc. can provide independent multi-disciplined design review services. RJC Inc. is able to become a part of a facility team and can coordinate with user groups during program development and throughout the design development. RJC Inc. can provide alternatives to conventional "Bid/Build" project delivery, managing other methods of contracting, such as "Multiple Prime" and "Design/Build".

RJC Inc. works in partnership with our clients to ensure the highest level of services, in terms of responsiveness to our client's needs. RJC provides meaningful design review services at key stages of the design development. RJC manages the solicitation process and protects the owner from future change order issues. RJC provides key personnel that stay close to the project through the entire process, from design review through construction completion including project closeout and warranty reviews. RJC maintains proper project documentation and works to protect the owner from contractor claims. RJC closely directs and manages change order accounting, providing the appropriate level of time and effort necessary for the task. RJC Inc has a 100% successful track history of protecting our clients' interests and managing overall project costs.

RJC Inc. is interested in developing and maintaining long-term relationships with all parties, owners, contractors and designers. We would like to be used as an extension of your facility or development department team. RJC can focus on specific tasks of any size (large or small) and can provide the range of services appropriately suited to the task. Our goal is to remove problems through fair and impartial negotiation and timely communication.